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Blog readers, I think I am in love with a movie about a vampire. No, not that one about the stupid sparkly vampire, but one that is much more awesome. Which movie is this, you ask? Well feast your eyes on . . .

I know, I know. Dazzling, right?

After being alerted to this movie’s existence by the lovely BC of Horror Movie A Day, I think I might have to see it. A description of the plot that I found on the internet (I have bolded the most amazing parts for your convenience):

“Rockula is about a male vampire who lost his lady love centuries ago. She was killed by a pirate with a rhinestone peg leg, wielding a large ham bone. Our hero, the vampire, did nothing to save her. So he is now cursed to watch her be born again in another life, and then watch her die, strangely enough by a pirate with a rhinestone peg leg, wielding you-know-what. Now, in 1990, he has, he suspects, his last chance to try to save her instead of watching get clubbed over and over again down through the years. Oh, and he becomes a rock star in the process.”

Yes, I too doubted its magnificence at first, but then I discovered two magical things:
1) It stars both Thomas Dolby and Tony Basil!
2) It features a romantic duet in which a dude is hit by a car and beaten up by bums and he never stops singing! Talk about major commitment to a part!

In all seriousness, I know that this sounds awful, but I think it might be so awful that it doubles back around to being awesome. What say you, audience? You think this is the worst thing you have seen in your life or is it worth a double bill with Boogie Town*?

Watch the trailer (which also features the vampire rapping!) and decide**!

* Actually wait, that sounds just as bad . . .
**Or have more self-respect than I do and don’t.

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As a peppy little hump day pick up, I’m posting this song by The Broken West. I was really into this band last summer and this is probably my favourite song of theirs*. The video is supposedly based on Spy Vs. Spy and has some crazy, over the top assasination attempts in it. It also has Swedish subtitles for reasons I don’t understand. But the song is great so have a listen and bob your head along to the infectuous beat!

*Auctioneer runs a close second.

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(Okay, so back to our regularly scheduled programming . . .)

I am a big movie buff, so when I heard that the Bloor Cinema here in Toronto was playing Raiders of the Lost Ark this weekend, I got a little excited. I love me some Indiana Jones so possibly being able to see it on the big screen made me smile. Also, 1980s Harrison Ford = awesome. So, naturally, Boy and I got to talking about Harrison Ford and I brought out the eternal debate – which Harrison Ford would you rather be or be married to? Star Wars Harrison Ford (Han Solo) or Raiders of the Lost Ark Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones)?

Boy immediately said Star Wars Harrison Ford (“You get to have adventures in space with a wookie as a friend!”), but for me, it was not that easy. Yes, there is something amazing about Han Solo. He’s quick with a quip and fast with his ship*, but being a space smuggler isn’t exactly legal which would mean you would have to spend a lot of time bailing him out of space jail. And then, when the Empire fell, what would happen to the smuggling industry? What would we do when that kind of work dried up? Could Han Solo be persuaded to happily lead a life on the straight and narrow or would he get fat and resentful? 

Therefore, I picked Indiana Jones. He might not be as quippy or have a space ship, but he does have a steady job as a university professor and, as we find out later, his dad is Sean Connery who would make for awesome father-in-law! Sure, there is the problem of being chased and shot at by Nazis all the time . . . and if you had ophiophobia, it would probably be a bitch to be married to the guy, but I figured the travel and the fun would outweigh those negatives.

What can I say? I've always had a thing for stubble and dudes who wear hats.

This conversation was of course inevitably followed by its female counterpart: Who would you rather be or be married to – Princess Leia (Star Wars) or Marion Ravenwood (Raiders)?

You would think that it would be an easy choice, but again, there was debate.

 Boy picked Marion. He liked that she was up for an adventure and he enjoyed her ability to hold a drink.

You wouldn't think that this little gal would be able to drink a crazy Nepalese dude under the table, but she totally can.

I picked Leia because I enjoyed her sass, the fact that she was handy with a blaster (as opposed to Padme who just sucked and cried), and that she could rock a gold bikini like nobody’s business.

Make fun of the danish hairdo and I will blast your ass into next week!

There are of course drawbacks for either choice. If you’re Leia, you’d be related to Mark Hamill who kind of sucked, but you could always distract yourself from that by looking at the adorable Ewoks. If you’re Marion, you’re the mother of Shia LaBoeuf which I think is far worse**!

Every. Single. Time. To paraphrase Spaced, "Mutt Williams makes the Ewoks look like f*ckin' Shaft!"

Anyway, since we have already had these debates, I put it out to the blogging audience at large – which Harrison Ford and which Harrison Ford love interest would you want to be/marry and why?

*It can do the Kessle Run in 12 parsecs!

** I generally declare shenanigans on the fourth Indiana Jones movie, but since I’ve been forced to accept the new Star Wars films, I’m including it in this debate.

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(Now I know that this blog is often very geek focused, but I’m letting myself get a little girly this morning, so if that kind of thing puts you off, skip this post and come back later for some more nerdy shenanigans.)

The other day I wrote a post about not wanting to look like a schlub. To that end, I went out this weekend and actually bought a couple of dresses. I know, right? Me, in a dress? Mind blowing!

Anyway, my very good natured husband Boy tagged along and helped me pick out the following things:

Exhibit A

The State Fair Dress from Anthropologie – I don’t wear red and at first, the buttons freaked me out because I hate excessive buttons on things (when you are missing fingers, they are nothing but frustrating.) However, when I put it on, it looked pretty cute and it is also work appropriate so that was a big draw. When you have a limited clothing budget, it’s good to pick things that can  do double duty.

Almost Exhibit B

The Caballo Falls Dress* from Anthropologie. I really loved this dress. I dug the colour and, not for nothing, but it made my chest look awesome. However, when compared with the other Anthro dress, it didn’t look as cute overall and it was more expense, so it got left behind. So long, dress!

The Real Exhibit B

The Malie Solid Dress by Marciano by Guess. I’d seen this one in the window earlier in the week during my walk to work and kind of got a crush on it. I’m a sucker for a sweet black dress and had a cute retro vibe to it with its cinched waist and full skirt. Plus, I’ve bought dresses from Guess before and they last forever, so I figured it was a decent investment. It is fancier than my other pick for sure, but with weddings and anniversary dinners and the like, I figure I’ll get some decent wear out of it, dressing it up and dressing it down with different accessories.

Anyway, that’s what I ended up with after a long day of shopping. I spent more than I was hoping to, but I decided that it was worth it to route my book budget into clothes for the month so I could be ready for Spring. Also, for the longest time, I’ve been putting off getting a Toronto Library Card and this would be decent motivation – no books for me unless I get off my ass to get them!

What do you think bloggerinos? Like what I picked?

* I’m still considering this dress if it is around when I get paid next month. However, if anyone happened to have it in a size 6 and felt like donating it to me, I wouldn’t say no. 😉

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My Google Reader is always choked up with content, so you might have already seen this, but on the off chance you haven’t, it is too good not to share. You all know about my love of the Alien series so may I present to you a couple of pages the genius that is Alien Vs. Pooh.


You can read the whole story online here. If this were a book, I would definitely be buying it for my niece, bad taste be damned!

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My lovely friend Tara left me an interesting question on my Formspring this week. The question in question?

“What are 3 things that you feel you should love (loved by your friends or otherwise aimed directly at your demographic) that you actually kind of hate?”

I answered the question, but have since been thinking about it and I have come up with a couple more things to add to my answer. So therefore, may I present to you . . .

Girl’s Top 10 List Of Things Everyone Thinks She Should Love (But Really Doesn’t)!

1. Shoe shopping: As I have mentioned before, I am a tall lady and since I am a tall lady that means big feet. Sad but true. If I had size 7s, I’d be wobbling all over the place like a freakin’ weeble. So instead, I have size 11 feet. Yeah, child labourers in third world shoe factories take days stitching together my footwear because it is seriously work intensive. I am not saying that I haven’t found the occasional pair of shoes cute, but if I like ‘em, chances are they don’t come in my size. So shoe shopping for me is just trying on a bunch of ugly uncomfortable things and picking the least hideous.

2. Love stories in action movies: It really annoys me how many movies I’ve watched where they have shoved in either a completely irrelevant/poorly acted love story for my girly benefit. Dear Hollywood, We ladies can watch movies without love stories in them so please stop already! It’s insulting! Do you seriously think that we were all sitting there watching Children of Men thinking “Gee, I really wish Clive Owen and the pregnant lady would get together already! They are totally OTP!”? No! Because we’re not morons! Tell the story you want to tell and don’t add a romantic subplot unless it’s necessary. Women will be able to survive without one for two hours.

3. The Twilight Series: Look, I can give the series minor credit for getting people to read. I used to be majorly into Sweet Valley High and I know those books weren’t about to win any literary awards, so I appreciate wanting to read junky things. Hell, I still sometimes read junky things. But there is a difference between good junk and bad junk and I am sorry, but Twilight is bad junk. The writing is absolutely horrible and the characters could not suck more. The main character is a boring, personality free, codependent drip. Her best friend is a borderline pedophile/poster boy for acquaintance date rape. Her boyfriend is an oppressive abusive prick. A lot of young girls are reading this series and it really, really troubles me that books like this extol the virtues of dating an angst-ridden brooding dude just because he’s pretty. Because, often times, before you can even say the word “emo,” those dudes can become freaky and abusive. When I was younger, I was in a relationship with someone who did nothing but subtly slag me and try to control me. I didn’t do anything about it for a while because I was young and unsure and it took him taking a hand to me before I got the point where I realized I could do better. Because girls out there, you can always always do better than an alcoholic dickbag or a sparkly vampire who insults you and tries to isolate you from your friends and family. Boo to these books!

4. The Shopaholic Books: I enjoy chicklit as much as the next girl, but I could not get through reading this series because it annoyed me so much. Am I really supposed to feel bad that she got herself into debt because she spent money she didn’t have on stuff she didn’t need? She dug her own hole and all the cutesiness and label dropping in the world won’t get me to pity her. It’s called a budget. If I can work it out with what I make, you can too Becky!

5. Nicholas Sparks and Jody Picoult Books/Movies: These things just seem to exist for melodramatic heartstring pulling purposes and that just doesn’t do much for me. People go to the beach. They fall in love. They cry. Someone dies. Don’t care. Someone has to make an impossible Sophie’s Choice like medical decision. Don’t care.

6. Mac Computers: I’ve used Macs before and I am fine with them, but I don’t think they are worth the hype/expense. I don’t do anything design based, so they’re lost on me.

7. Moulin Rouge: I was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other day and we came to the conclusion that there is no middle ground about this movie – you either love it or you couldn’t care less. I could not care less. Several people have tried to convert me. It doesn’t work. Not interested at all.

8. Scarlett Johansson/Megan Fox: I don’t know if they are aimed at me exactly, but people are always going on about how hot these two are and I don’t get it. Scarlett’s face always looks really bored/unexpressive to me and as far as I can tell, Megan Fox’s only talent is straddling things.

9. Lost/Battlestar Galactica: People are forever telling me that because I am a nerd, I will like these shows. However, I don’t feel even remotely interested in watching them.

10. Reality Shows, most specifically the Dancing and Singing kinds: It’s really nice you can sing and/or dance. Good for you. I do not need to spend several hours of my week watching you do these things.

Anyway, these are my own personal options and for the most part, I don’t hate the things listed above but feel indifferent to them. If you feel differently about anything listed above, good on you! Enjoy what you enjoy!

As for what you don’t enjoy, have at it in the comments. What are some of the things people think you should like, but that you actually hate/don’t care about?

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I already blogged today, but I just found out that the trailer for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World went live today so I’m posting it here. SHA-BAM!

Three things:

1) This is possibly my favourite graphic novel series ever.
2) This is the movie I audition to be in last February. I got called back and couldn’t go, but my friend Sally did and we think you will be able to see her in the movie when it comes out. Go Sally!
3) I briefly encountered Edgar Wright and Bill Pope, the cinematographer of this movie, last summer. Considering how much I love the source material, I was a little gunshy about what they might do to it, even though I love Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. From everything I am seeing, they really respected Bryan Lee O’Malley’s work and it looks great! Way to go guys!

Can’t wait until August to see this one! Only 5 more months to wait . . .”Oh, well that’s not that bad.”

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