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My awesome brother-in-law Logan* has joined the internet landscape with a new blog so I’m pimping** it out to you, my fine readers.

Go here to read about his exploits and current writing project! I assure you it is worth the trip. 🙂

* Logan is not his real name.
** Considering the speech he gave at our wedding where he referenced running over pimps with a car (we met when he was play GTA), I figured he would appreciate the use of this word.

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A transcript of a conversation I had with my husband at a Russian Vodka Bar.

(To set the scene, the bar is dimly lit and is decorated with richly upholstered couches, red velvet curtains and propaganda posters. Boy and I are decked out in our finest – him in dress shoes, black pants, black vest and navy pin striped shirt, me in heels and a spaghetti strapped Aubergine dress with a sweetheart neckline. By the time this conversation takes place, we have each had at least three martinis.)


Boy: I’ve made a decision. I think I am made for a life of crime. Preferably the Russian Gangster kind.
Me: Oh?
Boy: Yes. I like looking dressed up and I think sitting in a shady backroom cutting deals under the table would suit me.
Me: I suppose it would be exciting for you.
Boy: You’d be there too.
Me: I would?
Boy: Of course. You’d be in the background, stretched across the couch looking generally disinterested. But before I made my decisions, I would consult you and you would help me . . .
Me: By either winking or saying niet?
Boy: Exactly.
Me: Would I get to wear slinky cocktail dresses?
Boy: Of course.
Me: I’m in.

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There goes summer again, whisking me away from the computer. This year technological abstinence is particularly appealing as the computer I use for work is so vexing that the idea of being stuck behind a screen when I don’t have to be seems insane.

Anyway, to play a little catch up yet again.

1. I went to see 500 Days of Summer and actually really liked it. I know a few people who have criticized it for being too indie rock based, but I guess I’m in the right demographic for it as that didn’t bother me. The story was relatable to me (thinking a relationship is the be all and end all, only to discover that maybe it wasn’t as good as you thought it was) and I loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Seriously, whether he is dancing happily with bluebirds or walking around scaring people in his bathrobe, the dude is enjoyable to watch.

2. I went on vacation. It was only for a week and I didn’t really go anywhere exciting, but it was good to have some time off. I was so exhausted I was feeling incredibly frustrated and unreasonable with people and it was just not a good scene. However, while on vacation, I got to relax and I did a few fun things:
a. Went back to my parents house and hung out with my mom while my dad was out of town. We went swimming and shopping and we talked a lot which, in light of what had gone down a week or so prior, was needed and definitely helped to clear the air.
b. Saw my friend Bert and got to share his birthday with him. I made dinner and we had some celebratory pie which was pretty yummy.
c. Celebrated my anniversary with The Boy. Unfortunately, we both had sunstroke so our formal plans were postponed until this past weekend, but we still managed to go out for dinner where I had the yummiest Lobster Roll ever! Mmmm . . . mouth is watering just thinking of it.
d. Completed my friend Sally’s wedding shower invites. I hadn’t made invitations since our wedding ones last year so it was kind of weird getting back into things but at the end, I really enjoyed it. One thing I learned however – if you are doing invites and you’re using glue dots, humidity is not your friend!
e. Completed Barbie’s care package. If you might recall one of my previous entries, I used to babysit a lovely little girl called Barbie. Well, after falling out of touch for a few years, we recently reconnected and I discovered that sadly, for the last year, she’s been battling with an eating disorder which has now gotten to the point that she might be forced to seek inpatient treatment at a local hospital. The whole thing is pretty scary, especially for someone so young (she’ll be 19 in August), but she’s working hard to beat this thing, so I thought a little reminder that people are in her corner might help. Plus, who doesn’t love getting mail?
f. Discovered a fantastic cheap breakfast at a local café. $2.99 for eggs, bacon, homefries and toast! It’s unfortunately only available through the week, but it served me well while I was off and will definitely be taken advantage of again soon.
g. Watched a ridiculous number of movies: Fanboys, Up, CJ7, My Bloody Valentine, American Teen, Zach and Miri Make A Porno and X-Men. I am a natural couch potato so this was all really good for me. 

 3. After going back to work for two days, The Boy and I made plans to go out and celebrate our anniversary by getting dressed up and going for drinks at a jazz club. We got all gussied up and went downtown only to discover the club we wanted to go to was packed because of the Jazz Festival. However, the Russian Vodka Bar next door wasn’t so we went there for martinis and shots. Absolutely delicious!

Anyway, that’s everything for now. I have a couple other things to post that I will hopefully get up in the next day or so, but until then, прощание my friends! 😉

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