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A dramatic paraphrasing of a conversation I had with my husband yesterday:

Boy: I like Judas for a name.
Me: What?
Boy: Judas. It’s like a nice name for a kid.
Me: No way! It’s so tainted with biblical tragedy.
Boy: No, it’s not. One, that was a long time ago, and two, if you think about it, Judas was like the hero of the bible.
Me: No he wasn’t!
Boy: Yes, he was! If it wasn’t for Judas moving things in the right direction, Jesus would never have died for our sins, therefore fulfilling his iconic destiny.
Me: By that same logic, Hans Gruber is the hero of Die Hard because he helps John McClane fulfill his iconic destiny.


Boy: I hardly think that getting your feet cut up is the same thing as being crucified. Jesus’ death changed the world and saved humanity!
Me: John McClane’s trials and tribulations changed the face of action cinema and entertained humanity! Plus, the foot wounds could be seen as stigmata!
Boy:  Those just happened because the terrorist’s feet were too small. That makes no sense!
Me: Neither does yours!
Boy: So Judas is out?
Me: Totally. Plus, people would shorten it to Jude and then they’d think we were obsessed with Jude Law or something which ew.
Boy: You have a point.

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Two things I am not:
1) Chomping at the bit to have kids. I would definitely like to someday, but I am really enjoying the grown-up being married time Boy and I are sharing together right now and I’m not ready to rush through that just yet.
2) A seamstress. I am envious of anyone who can sew and create patterns and do that sort of thing, but I have no skill in that area myself.
However, in spite of those two things, found myself aww-ing my ass off and wondering how much a Singer costs when I saw these pics of a homemade Where The Wild Things Are costume a woman made for her little boy . . .



So freakin’ cute! Way to go, crafty mama!

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One of my list goals was to get some cool new art for our apartment because we’ve been living there for almost two years and the walls were practically bare.

Originally, I was going to wait until either the Summer Art Show in Nathan Phillips Square or the Fall Art Walk in Trinity Bellwoods Park, but when I saw the stuff they were offering at TCAF, I changed my mind. It was fun, it was funky and best of all it was cheap!

So Boy and I decided to each get three pieces to enjoy.

Check ’em out!

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Back when I was in high school, I took photography for a few years and really enjoyed it, but it has been years since I touched a camera.

However a couple of weeks ago when the weather started to get nicer, I started to think about it again and wondered why I had given it up.

So last week, when the weather finally got semi-warm, I grabbed Boy and our little point and shoot digital and hit the park.

Not all of my pictures turned out and I haven’t edited any of them, but I figured I would post them here since I plan to continue snapping throughout the summer and it might be kind of fun to log my progress.

Take a gander!

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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I figured if I was going to get back into the spirit, doing one of these posts might be a good idea. So here goes!

1. Get new job – In Progress.
As has been well documented on this blog, the Penguin thing didn’t pan out which sucked and sucked hard. But I’m trying to keep my spirits up and have been continuing onward with applications. I recently read in my horoscope (yes, I read horoscopes) that something good will break for me professionally in the next month or so, so I am crossing my fingers that the stars align and I get an opportunity soon.

5. Go on half a dozen photography trips – In Progress (1/6).
Since the weather finally got nice, I grabbed the camera when Boy and I hit the park near our place last week for a bit of a walk. It’s just a little point and shoot, but I got a few cool pictures and I’m hoping to keep it up. I used to be a major photography buff when I was in high school and it feels kind of nice to get back into it.

9. Read 10 YA titles – In Progress (8/10).
I think last time I wrote, I had only read 4 books, but in my absence, I’ve managed to jack it up to 8. My last four were Beige and The Queen of Cool by Cecil Castellucci (who I love and have a story about later) Perfect Fifths by Megan McCaffery (I’d read her previous four books and was reasonably satisfied with the conclusion, however I still feel the last two books in the series were kind of weak) and Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson (this is one of those big YA books that everyone talks about which can sometimes be a bit of a letdown, but I did genuinely enjoy it). Only two more until I met my list goal!

12. Write 500 blog posts – In Progress (176/500).
Work got very zooy for a while and I could not focus on writing at all, but I am going to try and make more of an effort from here on out, if only to keep my brain sharp.

29. Open a savings account and actually save money – In Progress.
Since I am so poor, this is really a joint thing with Boy since he is the one with disposable income. We recently set up two high interest savings accounts to get the ball rolling for saving for a place and it is really exciting. We don’t want to buy a house just to buy a house but we are hoping that with a good real estate market and a couple of lucky financial happenings in the next few months (Boy getting a raise/me getting a job that pays more than retail), we’ll be able to afford a decent condo in the area we currently live in since we love it so much.

41. Plan spa day with mom – Done!
A couple of weeks ago (4/25) when I went home to check on my dad, my mom and I managed to fit in a small pre-mother’s day trip to the spa for some pedicures. I’m not a huge spa person, but I think I could definitely stand to work pedicures into my schedule more often. Being pampered is nice!

42. Get a pedicure in a strange colour – Done!
When we got our pedicure, I went against my usual pink/red temptations and picked our a shiny bright silver for my toes. I didn’t love it as much as I hoped I would, but trying something different motivated me to think outside the box and have got me interested in picking something more unusual from here on out. Next time – Aqua or purple!

43. Learn to play Frisbee in the park with Boy – In Progress.
Boy and I went on a major downtown hunt for a frisbee a few weekends back and we managed to find one at a sports store but so far, our schedule/the weather hasn’t been particularly coooperative. However, with the long weekend coming up, I’m crossing my fingers we get to head out soon.

44. Buy kicky pajamas – Done!
Last week, I was walking through the underground on my way to work when I spotted the most gorgeous slip nightgown. It was bright royal blue and had a little black lace detailing on it. Kind of gothy glam looking and it really caught my eye. Since I don’t make very much money, I’ve been on a pretty tight budget the last little while and I’ve been trying to hold off buying anything but everytime I passed this nightgown, I loved it. Finally on Thursday, I was in the middle of convincing myself to stretch my budget, when Boy called – my tax return had arrived in the mail. So not only did I get free money from the government (never a bad thing), but I got to buy my nightgown guilt-free! Awesome!

45. Make it to level 80 in WOW – In Progress.
Yes, in my blogging absence, I’ve been celebrating with a little escapism and have been playing WOW. Since my last update, I’ve gotten up to level 60 (woot!) and Boy and I have started alternate characters who are currently at level 12.

46. Try 10 new restaurants – In Progress (4/10).
Since the last update, Boy and I hit Irish Embassy on Yonge Street (we walked there from Davisville after a friend’s housewarming and were practically ravenous by the time we got there) and I hit Sushi on Queen with my friend Sally and her friend Lenore during a bridesmaids excursion. Both were pretty yummy – isn’t eating the best?

56. Buy a cover to spiff up my laptop – Done!
My laptop Arthur Putey is supersexy now. Lawrence Yang, you rock my socks!

66. Go to some sort of Comic-Con – Done!
This weekend, I went to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival and it was awesome! Not only did I get to meet Bryan Lee O’Malley who does the Scott Pilgrim books (incredibly nice but supershy!) but I got to meet Cecil Castellucci who I love. I read my first one of her books last summer (The PLAIN Janes) and it is part of what motivated me to start seriously looking into applying to work in fiction publishing in some capacity. As I’ve written before, growing up as an only child, books were pretty important to me and I would very much love to one day have a hand in producing a book that meant something to someone else like that.

67. Buy a piece of original art – Done (x6!)
With tax returns and paychecks in hand, Boy and I ended up purchasing six separate prints for the apartment at TCAF! Not only did we score awesome prints (I will post pictures of them later), but the prices were amazing (the most expensive were only $20). After we got home, we measured our newly acquired art, went off to purchase some simple black frames for hanging and voila! One afternoon later, we’ve got an apartment full of original art!

73. Swear off chocolate and pop for 40 days – Done!
I felt ready to punch someone in the face for a mint Aero bar a little towards the end there (just kidding), but I did it and feel all the better for it. If you have the will power to detox yourself like that, I do definitely recommend it.

88. Go to a hockey game – Done!
For some reason, I forgot to update this but I went to a Toronto Marlies game with my Dad on March 15. There were ridiculous penalties up the wazoo but we still managed to have a good time and eat some crappy stadium food.

92. Replace crappy comforter with something nice – Done!
When we got married, Boy and I registered at a large national chain *coughcoughcoughTheBaycoughcoughcough* and were kind of dissatisfied with them. Not only did they charge a ridiculous delivery fee ($50 per delivery item) when we had guaranteed them hundreds of dollars of sales, but the overpriced comforter we registered for was crap. Seriously, like two months after we got it, it was falling apart and shredding along the seam. However, two weekends ago, we went to a huge linen/bedding sale with my parents and ended up finding a nice little blue silk number with a 450 thread count. Score!

So that was my incredibly belated update #5. Hope everyone else who is working on a list is doing well and moving forward with their own personal goals. 🙂

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