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The last couple of weeks have really kicked me on my ass, so I’m easing back into blogging again with an update.

Things with my dad have finally seemed to settle down. After FIVE visits to the doctor (three emergency, two regular) where no one seemed to know what was going on or be able to answer any questions, my parents finally encountered a doctor who had seen this kind of thing before and who came up with an actual treatment plan. Apparently with the weather the way it is and with my dad being on an herbal supplement that somehow thinned his blood, the combination was a bit too much for his body to handle and caused the nosebleeds. However, he’s got a prescription now and he seems to be doing better according to my mom which is good. But just to be sure, I’m actually leaving work early on Friday to see for myself.

On the happier side of things, I heard two pieces of good news this week.

For the first, I heard/read that one of my friends from my old wedding blogging days is pregnant! She is an absolute sweetheart and she and her lovely husband have been TTC for a while, so it is exciting to hear that their baby wish is coming true. Congratulations Kiwis! I am sure you will be great parents.

The second is a little bit different as it involves someone I know personally and actually fairly well.

(My apologies to my reading audience as I am about to get kind of sentimental here . . .) 

Back when I was 17 or so, I started working at a home improvement place. A small group of us started about the same time and in that group was a boy named Henry. I didn’t work with Henry too much in the beginning and I didn’t really know what to make of him (he was 15 and looked a bit punky with his shaggy bright red hair). 

However, once we started working together more often, I got to know him better and was impressed with what I saw. He was very smart and funny and kind and a genuinely nice person. Even when we would sometimes talk about heavier things (I remember at one point him talking about being picked on a bit at school because he was short), he never seemed angry or defeated by them. He just took things in stride and kept moving forward, which I thought was pretty cool for someone so young.

It’s been about 10 years now and we’ve known each other through a lot. Musical obsessions and celebrity crushes. Dating and breakups. School and work. He held my hand in the emergency room after my accident. I went to see one of his bands play at the community centre. He played music at my wedding. I met all of his friends at his big 24th birthday party.

I grew up without siblings, but after all this time and everything that’s happened, I’ve kind of come to think of Henry as my surrogate younger brother. So this week, when I found out he was graduating from Teacher’s College, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly proud of him.

There are only a handful of things I know in this grand scheme of things, but that Henry will be a wonderful teacher is one of them. Congratulations H. 🙂

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As blog readers remember, earlier in the week, my father went into the hospital when he started bleeding uncontrollably from the nose and mouth.

The doctors said that he’d just broken a blood vessel or something, so they apparently packed up his nostrils with something resembling a tampon and shipped him home.

The whole experience was kind of freaky for me because:
1. I am very close to my dad.
2. Hearing the words dad, bleeding and hospital in the same sentence are far from comforting.
3. Although I don’t live too far away, I do live in another city and it was hard to sit impotently waiting for news.

Anyway, I was told the whole thing was no big deal and they unpacked the affected area on Monday and sent him back home to rest. However, last night the bleeding started up again and he had to head back to the hospital.

(Ironically enough, this happened directly after my mom had finished explaining to one of our relatives that everything was okay now.)

Now I fully realize that everything is going to be okay, but considering this has managed to happen twice within one week that also managed to contain a job rejection and a neighbour suicide, I feel a little bit like I’ve spent the last 120 hours being pulled slowly through a shredder.

So while I actually really wanted to write something funny today, it feels like it is not going to happen for me right now.

My apologies for being braindead. Catch you all next week!

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So the past few days have been pretty crazy.

My dad was rushed to emergency. I had to go to the doctor to deal with some of my own health stuff. I didn’t get my dream job. One of my neighbours jumped out their window and committed suicide.

The stressful and scary things were just overwhelming.

But last night I had some comfort. I thought about how lucky I was to be married to Boy who took me out to dinner and showed me how to play a video game where I got to squish bugs and kill bad guys. I thought about my friends and family and readers who filled up my Inbox with sympathy and words of encouragement. And I thought about Ron Perlman.


Don’t worry if you don’t know who Ron Perlman is. He’s one of those funny looking character actor dudes most people recognize but can’t name. He’s done a lot of voice work and B-movies and his biggest roles have usually seen his face covered in extreme layers of prosthetics so even then he’s not really recognizable.

Anyway, I thought of Ron Perlman because I saw Hellboy for the first time a few weeks ago. He plays the titular character in that (red face prosthetics!), but it took him a while to land the part. While the director and the original comic book author totally wanted Perlman to play Hellboy, the studio was against it and wanted Vin Diesel instead because he was a bigger name.

But they were steadyfast in their insistance, and eventually Perlman landed the role and the movie went on to make almost $100,000,000 worldwide.

Anyway, I thought of this yesterday after I didn’t get the job because it’s encouraging to think that a cool workhorse character actor could defy the odds like that and make one of the top grossing features of 2004.

So yeah, if Ronny can keep at it in through Linda Hamilton TV shows, Scooby Doo animated adventures and Uwe Boll movies, I’ll be okay with this whole job hunting thing.

I will find my spot yet, publishing industry. Just you wait and see.  🙂

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Fourth Time’s A Charm?

Just got a call from Boy and the HR person from Penguin called and confirmed that I did not get the job.

I already kind of knew and I had been preparing myself for this answer because the job market is full of really smart people right now, but hearing it out loud pains me anew. 

I know there is probably some positive karmic benefit I know nothing about that comes to people who are all Zen about not landing jobs they want. Those “Everything happens for a reason!” people probably have better life expectancies or lower blood pressure or something.

And there’s part of me that wants to embrace that philosophy. I do wish I was one of those easy going slow-down-and-smell-the-patchouli types . . .

But I’m not. If I had to stick a label on myself, I’m more of the let’s-talk-about-how-it-sucks-for-a-while-and-then-eat-ice-cream type of gal.

So, since I don’t have a tub of Mint Chocolate Breyer’s handy . . . Doesn’t getting rejected from jobs suck? You get to feel like you lost something, even though it was never yours to begin with.

Plus, as an added bonus, when you don’t get a job, you get to flashback to your interview process and analyse everything you could have possibly done wrong or the small and subtle ways they were rejecting you.

Like when they say things like “Well, you’re certainly qualified and any team would be lucky to have you.”

Any team. Meaning not their team.

I know there are people out there in much worse situations than I am. I know I will bounce back and start taking care of things again tomorrow. I know there will, at some point, come a day when I will look back on all of this and be like “Oh yeah, that? That was so not a big deal!”

But right now?

This sucks.

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I still haven’t heard about the job yet*, but I just spoke to my mom who told me my dad had to be rushed to the emergency room last night after he started bleeding uncontrollably from the nose and mouth.

They’ve managed to stop it temporarily and he has an appointment later today to unpack and check up on it, but they still don’t know what caused it.

Wow universe, you really know how to kick a gal while she’s down . . .

*I got an e-mail yesterday saying thank you for coming in (as well as a bunch of other complimentary things) but they haven’t made a decision yet.

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I’ve been a bit AWOL these past few days, but I swear there is a reason. I have now been for not one, but two interviews with Penguin. Two.

The first one was with the HR person so we talked in broad strokes and I answered the typical kinds of interview questions.

I wasn’t sure how it had gone but then the following day, less than 24 hours afterward, I got a call for a second interview.

So I went for the second one. The second one was with the other person I would be working with so we  talked about the details of the job and I had a chance to ask a bunch of questions.

I’ve got to say, now that I’ve heard more about it . . . I want it even more. It sounds amazing. Some of it similar what I do now but with a lot of extra interesting stuff AND a chance to be creative.

Plus, if I were lucky enough to get it, it might involve some travel. To Europe.

I know it’s incredibly competitive and if I don’t get it, I know that I’ve done my best in all of this. But if I do get it . . . well I think I’m liable to explode with happiness.

I find out on Monday if the job gods have smiled on me*, so everyone out there in cyber world, please cross your fingers for me!

*Until then, I plan on crossing every bone in my body and softly chanting “Pleasepleasepleaseplease . . .” in hopes of winning their favour.

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